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“Credit Card” is becoming a popular medium of transaction worldwide day by day. It is a special type of plastic card that banks issue according to the needs of their customers. Customers can use this card for shopping, travel, hotel booking, and much more.

Which bank credit card is best in Bangladesh

The benefit of these credit cards is gradually reducing the number of cash transactions. As a result, the risk of carrying cash is reduced to a large extent. Transactions are becoming easier and faster. Which is not limited to the country. Money transactions are done worldwide through cards.

Usually, banks issue credit cards. Here you might be thinking of taking a credit card from a bank. But don’t understand which bank credit card is best. This is actually tough to take a decision about choosing a credit card.

In today’s post, I will discuss how to get best credit card. But before that, there are some general things to keep in mind which will help you find the credit card you need, which will be affordable and maximum useful for you. Let’s take a look at it.

How to find the best credit card?

If you are thinking of getting a credit card, you may have many options open to you. Different credit cards have different benefits. So it is very difficult to choose any one credit card as the best. Your needs or your lifestyle will dictate which credit card is right for you.

So there are a few things you need to think about before collecting your card. If not, you may not get the best credit card. Now let’s see what you should think about before collecting your credit card.

How to figure out best credit card for me?

Here I am going to tell you four rules which you can follow to choose the credit card according to your needs. Once the credit card is selected, you can visit the branch of the bank to collect the card, or if they have internet banking, you can also apply for the card online.

#Find out the reason for taking your credit card: There is definitely a reason behind taking your credit card. Find that reason first. Maybe your reason for getting a credit card is to shop online or make shopping transactions easier or even travel.

#List credit cards that fit your reason: There are many credit card providers that offer different benefits for certain spending. For example, when shopping from superstores, customers with credit cards are given almost a discount.

If you pay by credit card in the travel package, you can get all the attractive discounts. So consider your purpose while choosing a credit card. See which credit cards are offering special offers based on your needs. Make a list accordingly.

#Sort the list by your credit card eligibility: Banks check the eligibility of their customers before issuing credit cards. The customer’s profession, his salary, and several other things are seen.

So to get a credit card see if you can fulfill the credit card eligibility. Nowadays more or less all banks have created their website. You may be able to find out online what their credit card qualifications are.

Knowingly select the cards that are eligible for you on your list. Discard the others.

#Choose the best card in the list: If your listing is done, now choose the best card among all the cards in your list. Review or differentiate its offers, annual charges, interest rates, and other hidden charges to see which card is best for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Card

Some of the top credit cards in Bangladesh

As mentioned, choosing a best credit card is not an easy task. It basically depends on you. If you want to choose the best credit card, you need to follow the above processes.

Here I will talk about some credit cards which are some of the top credit cards in Bangladesh. But these cards may not be the best card for your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at them below.

#EBL Credit Card: Eastern Bank Credit Card can be a good option for those who like to travel or travel regularly. You can use their EBL SKYLOUNGE while traveling abroad. But for this, you need to be a platinum card holder.

Here you will find an APR rate of 27.00%, a grace period of 45 days. Besides, there are installment facilities, Supplementary Card facility, and Renewal is absolutely free (if you make eighteen transactions in a year).

#DBBL Credit Card: This bank is the first in Bangladesh to introduce a fully automated system in banking. It has a huge reach across the country, providing services even in remote areas. They also offer many offers on credit cards.

Here you get an APR rate of 15.00%, and a grace period of 50 days. Besides, there is a free Supplementary Card facility, and Renewal is also free.

#City Bank Amex Credit Card: This bank always tries to give something new to their customers. There are very few banks that issue this Amex card to their customers. Banks provide various benefits to their customers through this card.

Here you will find an APR rate of 27.00%, a grace period of 45 days. Besides, there is a free Supplementary Card facility, and Renewal is also free.

#MTB Credit Card: Mutual Trust Bank is currently a very successful bank in this country. They are also offering many benefits on a credit card to their customers.

Here you will find an APR rate of 25.00% or a little higher, with a grace period of 45 days. Besides, there is free Supplementary Card facility. However, its renewal fee ranges from 1000/- to 10,000/-.


Here I basically shared the rules for choosing your credit card. Some cards are recommended, but may not fit your lifestyle. So review everything before taking a credit card. This will help you find the best credit card that will be convenient for you.

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