SCB Online Banking Registration process Bangladesh

In this post, you will find the process of SCB Online Banking Registration or Standard Chartered online registration process with the bank’s app “SC Mobile Bangladesh” and website.

SCB Online Banking Registration

Here you are allowed to register with an ATM card or without it. I have shown all the steps of SCB online registration. You will get pictures of this registration process.

Anyway, let’s see the way of SCB online banking registration, and I tried to give some answers to your probable questions related to this topic, at the end of this post.

How can I register my Standard Chartered account online?

Here you will see two ways to be registered with SCB bank. First, you can register with a temporary id and password or you can register with a Standard Chartered ATM/ Debit/ Credit card.

Standard Chartered Online Registration

First, you need to download the app “SC Mobile Bangladesh” from the play store. To register your SCB account, you need a user name, password, and details of your ATM card. If you have no user ID or no details of an ATM card, you can go with the shown way below. Just follow the steps.

Register with a temporary id and password

Step one: Click on the register in the mobile banking app.

Step two: Click register with Temp ID and SMS PIN. You have to contact SCB customer care through their phone number to get a temporary ID and password. Here is an SCB hotline number: +8803666777111. They may ask for some of your personal info in this conversation.

Step three: Read the instructions and then tick the box of “I agree to the terms and conditions”. After that, go to the next stage by clicking “Accept”.

Step four: Type your customer relationship number as “Temporary ID” and password. Then go to the next page.

Here you will receive a short message that you are done with this process. Now you can proceed to log in and enjoy the services.

Register with Debit Card or Credit Card Number and Pin

Step two: Tap on the “Register with your Standard Chartered ATM/Debit/Credit Card” option.

Step three: Here tick the box of “Terms and Conditions” and click accept.

Step four: Select an option, either “ATM or Debit Card” or “Credit Card”, whatever you have.

Step five: Enter your card details and go forward (Next).

Step six: Now you have to confirm your mobile number here. Bank will send an OTP (one-time password) to your number.

Step seven: Enter this obtained OTP to the password box and do confirm.

Step eight: Here you can set up your Username as well as Password. Do it and click next.

Now you are eligible to enjoy SCB online banking services from the app. 

More questions and answers related to SCB bank

Can I open online account in Standard Chartered Bank?

Yes, you can. To open a bank account online, visit the SCB website.

How can I create a bank account?

To create a bank account you can choose to open it online or by visiting the bank branch. Both systems are available in this bank. To know more about online banking visit this link.

How do I know my customer ID?

You have to call the customer care of the bank to get the customer ID.

What is SCB app?

The app is called “SC Mobile Bangladesh”.

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