Open bank account online without going bank in Bangladesh

A question that has been frequently asked is, can I open a bank account online without going to the bank in Bangladesh? Indeed online bank account opening in Bangladesh has been easier nowadays.

online bank account opening in bangladesh

There are so many banks that permit people to open a bank account online from anywhere. But, online account opening may not allow all banking services in most banks. To enable some services you have to go to the branch physically.

However, to open an account online you need to have some documents of yours and your nominee. Let’s see what documents are required, which banks are now giving such facilities, and how you can open a bank account online.

Online bank account opening in Bangladesh

To open an online bank account, first, make sure that your selected bank has available that service. Then according to the bank, follow the way of online bank account opening.

Which bank allows online account opening?

Not only one or two, but there are also so many banks where you can open an account online. Let’s see where you will get basic facilities after opening the account online.

  • Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL).
  • City Bank.
  • Trust Bank.
  • Social Islami Bank Limited.

Some banks where you can open an account online. But after opening the account documents need to be submitted to the bank. Otherwise, the account will not be activated.

  • Sonali Bank (will be available for 3 months without going to the bank).
  • Eastern Bank.
  • Dutch Bangla Bank.
  • Bank Asia.

Documents required for online bank account opening

Online bank account opening required to have some common documents. Those are:

  • National ID card.
  • Your picture may have to take live.
  • Nominee’s national ID card.
  • Passport size picture of your nominee.
  • Documents of your income source.
  • Copy of utility bill.

Apart from that, you may need to have some other documents too. But a number of banks just want your NID, picture, your nominee’s NID, his/her picture as well as some of your information, that’s it.

Online bank account opening process

Different banks have different ways to open a bank account online. So when you want to open one, you should know the bank’s policy regarding online banking. You can find out their information through the internet. Most banks are now operating their own website.

One of the ways is to create an account through the bank’s own apps. For instance, Islami bank has an app called “Cellfin”, where you can open an account easily. You can apply for an account through their website too.

Online account opening related questions and answers

How to open a bank account in Bangladesh from abroad?

You can open a Sonali Bank account from abroad. But, here you need to take help from the Bangladeshi embassy. Apart from that, an Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd account can be opened online, where VPN may be required.

Which bank is good for online banking?

Here I would say according to the best of my experience, IBBL is good.

What documents are important for opening an online account?

Your NID as well as your nominee’s NID and photo are required by most banks to open an online account.

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