Digital Nano Loan by City Bank and bkash without any guarantee

Do you need money in an emergency? If you are a user of bkash app then loan is now in your hand.

Recently bkash and City bank put their hands together with this objective in mind. They made the loan system easier than ever and they named it “Digital Nano Loan“. So now it’s a great way to get an urgent personal loan in Bangladesh.

You can get starting from a minimum of 500 Tk. to a maximum of 20,000 Tk. through the bkash app for three months. The amount might increase gradually in the future.

So let’s see the details of the bkash loan system, like are you eligible for this or not, and the requirements, interest rate, loan getting process, and some relevant information.

bkash loan facility

In the beginning, a maximum loan of Tk 10,000 was available, which has now reached a maximum of Tk 20,000. However, the way to get bkash loan is much easier than other conventional ways. You do not need to submit any paper to the bank for this loan. You do not even have to go to the bank branch to repay the loan.

You can get this loan without any deposit. If you do not have an account with City bank, then there is no problem. Here bKash will share all your NID information with City bank. So this is a really great opportunity if you need a loan.

Those who will get bkash loan and who will not

Eligibility for bkash loan

You can get a loan from bKash if you fulfill two main conditions.

  • Once your bKash account has completed e-KYC through the biometric system.
  • If you are a regular user of the bKash app.

If you are a regular customer of bKash and have been trading for a long time, you may be eligible for this. In addition, your bKash account must be e-KYC completed biometrically. If these are correct then your loan amount will be adjusted automatically according to your regular bkash usage rate.

Those who do not get

A group of bKash users will not get this loan. Below is who will not be eligible for this bkash loan.

  • Those who have bKash account with only National Identity Card and fill up the KYC form will not get this loan facility.
  • Those who have completed e-KYC in the biometric system are fine, but not regular users. Such customers also will not be eligible for this loan at this time.

All bKash users will see loan options in their bKash app. However, it seems that at the moment a large portion of the customers will not get a loan for these terms.

bkash Loan system

Way to take bkash loan

The bKash loan system will automatically verify the customer’s information to confirm the loan. If you are eligible for a loan, you can collect your loan in the following ways.

  • BKash app users need to go to the “More” option in their bKash app.
  • Then tap on the “Loan” icon.
  • In order to take a loan, the customer has to agree to share the information given to bkash with Citibank.
  • Here the customer can automatically see how much money he can get as a loan. You have to tap on the take loan option.
  • Then you have to select the loan amount and installment term.
  • It will show you how much money you are borrowing from the bank and how much money you have to pay. Go to the next step by tapping the “Go Forward” button.
  • After reading the loan instructions and rules, you have to tap on “Agree”.
  • To confirm the loan, the customer has to provide the PIN of the bkash account.
  • You have to complete the process by tapping on the bkash icon for the last time.

The interest and other rules applicable to this loan will be complied with as per the instructions of Bangladesh Bank.

bkash loan interest rate

The interest rate of this loan is 9 percent per year. It has been fixed by the Central Bank for any bank in Bangladesh.

Daily interest will be calculated at a compounded rate. So, if you repay the loan early before the due date, Then the amount of your interest will be less.

Payment in installment

After taking the loan you will get three months to repay. In three equal installments, it will be deducted from the customer’s bkash account. 

They will be informed by a short message about a certain date so that they can keep the balance in the account.


How much you are responsible for your transaction, you have paid on time or not, all these activities will be recorded. This will impact your future request for loan.

If you do not pay on time, you will get a penalty of paying an extra 2 percent. For those who do not pay the loan, the bank can take the necessary steps against them according to the Central Bank rules.

bkash loan-related questions and answers

Why I will take bkash loan?

The way of getting a loan is rather easier than any other conventional path. You don’t even need to submit any paper to the bank. Here bkash will share your NID with the City bank. Without any surety, you can receive the loan. If you don’t have an account in City bank, it doesn’t matter. So it’s really a big opportunity.

Who can get bkash loan?

Here they have a criterion for this loan according to the instruction of Central Bank Bangladesh. Only those people will be allowed, who have a bkash account that had completed e-KYC through the biometric registration process, as well as in this account transactions have been done through the app for a long time. Short-time users won’t be allowed here. Those who filled the KYC form by using the NID only, are also ineligible here.

Why am I not qualifying for a loan even though everything is fine?

It is better for you to contact bkash. You tell them your problem. They will tell you why you are not getting a loan. In addition, if there is another problem, they will let you know.

Can I borrow a full twenty thousand taka?

It will depend on your past transactions. They will check your past information and decide how much money you can borrow.

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