Send money from USA to Bangladesh

Wanna know how to send money from USA to Bangladesh? Here I have written about one of the best money transfer services, and that will help you to send money from USA to Bangladesh.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

You can send money to Bangladesh by bkash from USA with the help of Worldremit. The process is so simple that anybody can use it, and if you or your loved ones want, it is possible to receive remittance sitting at home.

Sometimes the recipient may not have a bank account. In that case, there will be no problem in accepting this money due to the partnership of bkash and worldremit. You can send money through their website. Even they have a mobile app where you can track your transfers.

So let’s see how to send money to bkash from USA with Worldremit. You will also get a list of other organizations, through which you can send money to bkash from abroad.

What is bkash?

For those who don’t know about bkash, let me tell you a little, bkash is a mobile banking service of Bangladesh which is under Bangladesh Bank as a part of BRAC Bank Limited.

This mobile service allows you to transfer and receive money with your registered mobile number, even without having a bank account. Here you will also get the opportunity to send money to bkash from the USA as well.

What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit has a worldwide money transfer system. It is mainly used for mobile money transactions. They provide excellent service to easily send money to any registered mobile account.

They offer their service in more than 50 countries. They have around 3 million users worldwide.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

To send money to bkash using WorldRemit from America you will need some information. It is highlighted below.

Required things to send money through Worldremit

#Recipient’s Full Name: The recipient’s name must match the name at the time of registration of the mobile banking account. Please write full name to avoid any confusion.

#Recipient Address: Recipient details address should be given.

#Recipient’s Mobile Money Account Number: Full and correct registered mobile money account number, i.e. Bkash number should be given.

#Sender’s Mobile Number: The number will be used to send a message to this number when the money is transferred. Any number can be given here.

#Reason for sending: You need to give the reason for transferring the money. You must have a valid reason to transfer money. Here you can pay to buy services or goods, send money to family, pay fees (tuition fees, medical fees, etc.), invest, pay mortgages, pay bills, etc.

It is difficult to correct the information provided for transfer or to stop the transfer, although WorldRemit will always do their best to do so. So you should double-check the information you provide.

How to send money through Worldremit to Bangladesh

#Visit website: Visit WorldRemit’s website to send money from the USA to any other country, like Bangladesh.

#Choose a country to send to: Select the country where you want to send money in the box. Select Bangladesh to send money from USA to Bangladesh. After selecting click on “Get started“.

#Select service: Here click on “Select service”, where you have to choose a service “Mobile Money Transfer” or any other service.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

#Select payout network: After selecting a service, you will get the option “Select payout network”. There you have to pick an option between two, bkash or Rocket.

#Select send or receive: Select whether you want to send or receive money in the next box.

#Select the currency: Then select which currency you are sending.

#Enter an amount to send: After then enter how much money you want to send to the country.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

#Log into your Worldremit account: Sign in if you have an account in Worldremit. Continue with your name, email, and password here. If you don’t have an account, you will get a sign-up option to open an account.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

#Choose the recipient ‍and give his/her details: On the next page, you have to provide some necessary information about your payee. Give the information accurately.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

#Select payment method: Then you need to select a payment method. You can pay money from your bank account or from your credit card if you want.

#Complete your registration details: Finally, you need to complete your money transfer process with some information.

How to send money from USA to Bangladesh

Some questions and answers about sending money through Wordremit

How much money can be transferred in total through Worldremit?

There is a minimum amount that you can send to Bikash, subject to the lowest limit. But it may also depend on the country you’re sending money from or the payment method you’re using.

How much are Worldremit money transfer charges?

World Remit does not charge any extra from the recipient. However, the developer may charge a fee from the recipient if the recipient accepts the payment in cash.

How long does it take to transfer?

Usually, if you use WorldRemit to transfer money, it will send your money within minutes. Through their app, you can see the transaction time. But, the transfer may take longer if incorrect information is provided. So don’t forget to enter the correct information.

How to receive money from WorldRemit?

Bangladeshi bkash users will get it directly in their bkash account.

Other ways to send money from America to Bangladesh

You can send your money to Bangladesh through other organizations ‍and can be received through bkash. Below is a list of them:

  • Placid Express,
  • Prabhu Inc,
  • RIA,
  • Thunes,
  • Transferwise,
  • Worldremit LTD. UK,
  • TRANGLO Sdn. Bhd

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