Country’s first bank account for freelancers in Bangladesh has been launched!

Recently a piece of good news has been published for freelancers in Bangladesh by BFDC and BRAC bank, considering the ease of their transactional operation. As an option, this bank will be the best bank for freelancers in Bangladesh.

Because transfer money from Freelancer/Fiver to bank account was a bit of hassle before. For the very first time in Bangladesh, the payment method has been easy for them. This account has many advantages including an international debit card.

So let’s know about the country’s first bank account for freelancers that has been launched recently.

Freelancer Account Introduced by BRAC Bank

Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS) gets together with BRAC Bank in terms of making easy and smooth banking services for the Bangladeshi freelancers, so that they can get a convenient way of receiving foreign currency and a better transactional experience as well. 

The widely growing freelancing industry will be benefited from this footstep and will bring freelancing to the next level by reducing hassles. 

Actually, the BRAC Bank and BFDS acknowledged and signed a memorandum, which illustrates a strong assurance of those two organizations to the freelancing industry.

BRAC Bank launched the ERQ account solution “BRAC Bank Freelancer Matrix Account”, country’s first-ever freelancer account, at the end of November 2021, where the freelancers will get an international debit card. It will allow them to receive dollars easily and convert them into the local currency BDT. 

Here, it will assist them to conduct cross-border eCommerce, POS, and ATM transactions intending business, such as cloud-based solutions, domain, and hosting, etc. This account comes bundled with exclusive advantages of the VISA International Debit Card.

BRAC bank Matrix account opening

If you are interested to open this account, you have to provide ‍some of your information to them through their website, Facebook page, or by going to the branch physically. So contact the bank for details.

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